Make sure where your files are and who can have access to them. Toxxel’s USB Flash Drive give you the securest way to have your files with you. With this high end devices no information or data is sent to third party services or clouds where companies or hackers may access to your files.

Expand your memory when you need it. In that times when your phone memory is not enough, use our dual USB flash drive to save your videos or pictures and continuing using your phone.

Don’t lose your files trying to get more free space on your devices or data trying to upload to clouds or other services.

Toxxel Wireless Headphones

Toxxel Wireless Earphones was designed to satisfy the rigorous aspect of extreme sports. Lightweight and engineered with the power of high standard of acoustics sounds, the Toxxel Wireless Earphones deliver the premium sound and performance needed to propel you through rigorous workouts with a design that show style and professionalism.

Toxxel Wireless Headphones 4

USB Flash Drive for iPhone and iPad

This new Dual USB Flash Drive for iPhone and iPad devices allow you to expand your memory at any time. The Txa model is necessity when need more space on your iPhone or iPad. Lightning and USB 3.0/2.0 connectors allow to save your pictures, videos, and other files to keep using your phone.

Faster, Secure Portable Storage

TOXXEL’s products have completed the industry most rigorous testing. Our USB Flash Drives give you high quality and data transfer speed. With a strong metal cover the model TX give you an powerful design to save your most important files.


Keep your Privacy in your Hands

The growing use of big data analytic has created big data privacy concerns. Toxxel Dual USB Flash Drive give you the ability to transfer and move your files fast and secure. The Txp model is compatible with Android Devices.

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